History of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria

The beginning of the Nigerian Assemblies of God is traceable to an illustrious son  of Old Umuahia, the Late Augutus E. Wogu who was converted in the later half of 1930 at Port-Harcourt. Wogu was formerly a member of Niger Delta Pastorate (now Anglican Church) who was reconverted to Faith Tarbanacle. When Wogu returned to his home town: Old Umuhia in 1931, he made many converts among whom was George Alioha and a revival movement called Christ ambassadors was set up. Through reading Magazines(The Pentecostal Evangel) and other books from American Assemblies of God, the movement came to understand that the Holy Spirit’s baptism was a promise for all believers including them. But the leaders of Faith Tabernacle threatened to banish the believers and all who believed in the Holy spirit’s baptism. Thus, in the month of august 1934 called the Day of Final Decision, Augustus Ehurie  Wogu and his converts and all who believed in the baptism of the Spirit of God accepted being severed from Faith Tabernacle. The brethren retreated to a mud prayer house and it became their church of which Augustus Asonye became the first Pastor.

The first outpouring of the Holy  Spirit happened in Port-Harcourt and it was then that Pastor Augustus Asonye and some other brethren were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Having received the baptism, they came back to Old Umuahia. In a revival meeting held at night in the mud church house, the Spirit of God was poured out on the church and this was the birth of Pentecostalism in Igboland of Nigeria.They called the newly born pentecostal group “church of Jesus Christ”.
After the outpouring, the church grew and established a number of churches also. At that, time they were not affiliated with any overseas Mission. After much prayer, they requested the American Assemblies of God to send them a resident missionary. In June 1939, Rev. & Mrs. Williams Lloyd Shirer, a missionary in what was then called Gold Coast (Ghana) was sent to meet the few Pastors and young men of “The Church of Jesus Christ.” They worked out an agreement of affiliation with the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A. and the “Church of Jesus Christ” was officially renamed “Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria”.The Assemblies of God which started as the biblical grain of mustard seed in Old Umuahia has spread all over Nigeria and beyond due to the commitment of the pastors and members of the church to the Great Commission for world evangelization.

About AG Aba-District

Aba District is the premier district of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria. It is the pioneering district, old, but still waxing strong in all dimensions. We’re deeply involved in church planting and kingdom building all over Nigeria and abroad. Our Leaders are all vibrant and well traveled ministers focused in spreading the gospel of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.