Author - Ogba Victor

Miracles of Divine Healing- Our God is a Healer

The doctor and the investigation Dr H Richard Casdorph is an experienced doctor and medical researcher. His CV shows he has published more than eighty research papers in a career that has spanned almost 6 decades, and has earned the respect of his fellow doctors. In the mid 70s he undertook a research project with a difference. He interviewed ten people who claimed to have been miraculously healed of serious conditions. He examined all the case histories – X-rays, medical reports, etc – [...]

10 things your wife hates.

1. When you go right to “fix it” mode. It’s not easy to listen without wanting to immediately fix the problem for your spouse. I get it—I’m wired that way too. But it’s important to listen to your wife with great concern, give her a touch to let her know you’re there, and when she’s dumped it all out there, let her know that it must be hard. Communicating to your wife with this kind of care will go a long way [...]

Verses about Hell and Judgement from old to New testament vol. 2

Previously I wrote about hell verses as coined from the Old testamen. You can read from here. Now we shall look at verses from the New Testament. Revelation 21:8 8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Matthew 25:46 46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” Psalm 9:17 17 The wicked [...]

We conquer in dying- Famous martyr quotes vol.4

Martin Luther, d. 1946 Whenever the true message of the cross is abolished, the anger of hypocrites and heretics ceases.. and all things are in peace. This is a sure token that the devil is guarding the entry to the house, and that the PURE doctrine of God’s Word has been taken away. The Church then, is in the BEST state, when Satan assaileth it on every side … both with subtle sleights, and outright violence. And likewise it is [...]

Verses about Hell and Judgement from old to New testament vol. 1

A lot of people actually think that there’s is no hell in the bible. Many never make out time to read the scriptures to actually figure out the truth. Others think Christians formulated hell to get followers. But this post is about the verses that speak of hell starting from the old testament to the christian new testament.For this vol. 1 we shall only quote scriptures from the Old book. What should you make of it? – Yes the old testament [...]

Why We Shouldn’t Try to Predict the End

Christian Headlines : According to some predictions, the world was supposed to end this weekend on September 23. It didn’t. So, here we are, still wondering when and how it’s going to happen. Yet, as Billy Hallowell suggests in an article over at Fox News, maybe we need to figure out a new approach to how we handle the question of the world’s end. At the very beginning of his discussion of the recent end-times predictions, Hallowell mentions some fundamental biblical [...]

We conquer in dying- Famous martyr quotes vol.3

Commodianus, c. AD 240 I admonish the faithful not to hold their brothers and sisters in hatred. Hatred is considered ungodly even in martyrs for the flame.†The martyr is destroyed whose confession is of such a kind, Nor is it taught that this evil is expiated by the shedding of blood. A law is given to the unrighteous man so that he may restrain himself.†Therefore, he ought to be free from ill will; you ought to as well! You sin [...]

We conquer in dying- Famous martyr quotes vol.2

Tertullian, c. AD 210 The Christian, even when he is condemned, gives thanks. (Apology 46) Here we call your own [i.e., the Roman emperor’s] acts to witness, you who are daily presiding at the trials of prisoners and passing sentence upon crimes. In your long lists of those accused of many and various atrocities, has any assassin, any pickpocket, or any man guilty of sacrilege, seduction, or stealing bathers’ clothes had his name entered as being a Christian too? When Christians are [...]

America vote to teach kids transgender classes.

California students at a charter school will not be able to opt out of lessons on transgenderism after the school board voted this week. The board voted unanimously to reject a “model parental rights” proposal that would have allowed parents at the Rocklin Academy School to read sensitive material before teachers use them in the classroom. The proposal would have allowed parents to then decide if their child needed to opt out of the lessons. California law already requires parental notice and allows [...]