We conquer in dying- Famous martyr quotes vol.3

Commodianus, c. AD 240 I admonish the faithful not to hold their brothers and sisters in hatred. Hatred is considered ungodly even in martyrs for the flame.†The martyr is destroyed whose confession is of such a kind, Nor is it taught that this evil is expiated by the shedding of blood. A law is given to the unrighteous man so that he may restrain himself.†Therefore, he ought to be free from ill will; you ought to as well! You sin [...]

We conquer in dying- Famous martyr quotes vol.2

Tertullian, c. AD 210 The Christian, even when he is condemned, gives thanks. (Apology 46) Here we call your own [i.e., the Roman emperor’s] acts to witness, you who are daily presiding at the trials of prisoners and passing sentence upon crimes. In your long lists of those accused of many and various atrocities, has any assassin, any pickpocket, or any man guilty of sacrilege, seduction, or stealing bathers’ clothes had his name entered as being a Christian too? When Christians are [...]

America vote to teach kids transgender classes.

California students at a charter school will not be able to opt out of lessons on transgenderism after the school board voted this week. The board voted unanimously to reject a “model parental rights” proposal that would have allowed parents at the Rocklin Academy School to read sensitive material before teachers use them in the classroom. The proposal would have allowed parents to then decide if their child needed to opt out of the lessons. California law already requires parental notice and allows [...]

The deadly sin of coveting

Many individuals are like the Rich Young Man when Jesus said to him, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness, Honor your father and mother, and You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 19:18-19), readily reply, “All these I have kept” (Matthew 19:20). A person may rationalize they have never murdered, committed adultery, or stolen, however untrue their claim may be, but no person in their right mind [...]

8 Keys to Knowing God’s Will For Your Life

When I was a young man, I seemed to continually wrestle with knowing God’s will for my life. I wanted more than anything to follow His plan. Interestingly, now that I’m “old” (currently 47 years old), I still wrestle with doing His will in my life. I have come to learn that this is not just something that a young person does early in life; it is a lifelong pursuit in order to stay in the exact center of [...]

Christian researcher claims rapture will take place on saturday

A Christian publication is claiming that the world is coming to an end on September 23 due to a Biblical prophecy, the Washington Post reports. David Meade, the author of “Planet X – The 2017 Arrival” has predicted that a sign will appear that signals the end of the Earth. His claim is also gaining traction to due a now-viral video posted by Unsealed, an evangelical Christian publication, the Washington Post reports. The video says an astronomical event will happen on Saturday that will lead to [...]

How Jesus turned an ex-Muslim, ex-street kid revival minister

In 1985, at the age of 12, Ddiba Assadi and his elder sister visited a church in his hometown, Kampala, Uganda, to satisfy his curiosity about reports of miracle healings. The children, from a strict Muslim family, planned to keep their visit a secret because they knew it would anger their father. But as things turned out it was to be the boy’s last day in the family home. The church they visited was the Miracle Centre under Pastor Robert Kayanja [...]

Fighting for the True Gospel in Africa

According to ChristianHeadlines Although the gospel is embraced in many places in Africa, it is often mixed with superstition and apostasy. One church is helping to counter the heresy with truth. Charles Karuri, a pastoral assistant at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Nairobi, Kenya, is one of those helping to promote the true gospel. Karuri said the “prosperity gospel” is prevalent in Africa and “apostles” or “prophets” often promise supernatural healing, or claim to be able to reverse bad fortune, restore marriages, [...]