How I Escaped the Mormon Temple- Testimony

Lynn Wilder The summer of 2006, my husband and I mustered the courage to drive two hours away from our largely Mormon community in Utah to attend a non-Mormon church on a Saturday night. That way, no Mormon friends or priesthood leaders could possibly see us. We were paranoid, worried that if someone from Brigham Young University saw me at a non-denominational Christian church, I would lose my ecclesiastical clearance and my job as a professor. And I would have. Only [...]

wife battery

See what Hubby did to his wife for saying Buhari is working (photo).

Haa! A woman has cried on social media after her husband allegedly battered her when she said President Buhari is working. The woman beaten by her husband According to her’ “All I did was to praise the administration of the present government in Nigeri and bam, I got a beaten and the swollen face from her husband.”

A lesson Christians should learn from the new face of Atheism.

According to Vox, the average restaurant meal is four times larger than in the 1950s. Apple will reportedly allow customers to order their new iPhone 7 in the color black. Ikea says that future homes will have vegetable planters lining their kitchen walls, furniture will double as exercise gear, and sensors throughout the house will respond instantly to our actions. These stories illustrate the first rule of marketing: give the people what they want. Successful businesspeople know that they must [...]

Oh My God!!! Soldiers pluck out eye of road safety official

Some military men damaged the eye of an official of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Segun Enikuemehin, for daring to ask them to stop assaulting a civilian. Trouble started when Enikuemehin saw some military men beating a harmless civilian on Sunday, August 14, and for fear that the man would be beaten to death, he walked up to them and pleaded that they let the man go or hand him over to the police if he had done something illegal. For [...]

Group Tells Paul Emeka to Negotiate With Assemblies Of God Or Spend 20years In Jail

Paul Emeka Concerned Youths Of Assemblies Of God has hailed the Attorney General Of The Federation and Minister Of Justice Mr Abubakar Malami(SAN) for taken Over the Prosecution Of a Former General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Chief Paul Emeka. The Group stated that the Attorney General of the Federation,who is the Chief Law Officer of the Country has proved by his action than the Law is Blind and nobody is above It. The Group flayed Pastor Ayo Orisetjafor,Mr John Kennedy [...]